The Hugo & Stacy Student-of-the-Year Award!

Here at The After Party, we are seriously passionate about two things…

Late Night Dancing aka Partying & Dancer Education! (Study Hard… Play Hard)

TAP spends a great deal of attention and resources in making sure that we create and nurture a one-of-a-kind environment to allow for the ultimate experience in WESTIE EDUCATION. We’ve set the stage for all Westies to really further themselves and their dancing by taking classes, privates, and studying other dance styles all under one roof. We particularly want to encourage our attendees to take one of our Solo Series classes in Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Jazz, House, African, Ballet, Burlesque, etc… to push themselves past where they’ve imagined possible!

We decided to create an award for the dancer or dance partnership that really embodies what we were hoping to create at TAP. We were looking for the dancer(s) who vibrate with…

  • A passion for the amazing learning environment that is dance class
  • A commitment to self growth in body and mind
  • A love for taking West Coast Swing workshops
  • A willingness to expand their dance abilities in solo dance classes

The winner(s) of this award will win Free Tickets to TAP for two years, along with a free TAP shirt for two years at the event.

We conceptualized this award in 2017 and were excited to roll this out and launch the award to an unexpecting attendee. The problem was… the person that overwhelmingly earned this award wasn’t a person, it was a dance partnership… not to mention a pro dance partnership who was on staff with us at TAP! Hugo Miguez and Stacy Kay! Leave it to them to practice what we all preach and embody what we know to be the real prize… the journey… the education! In turn we were honored and happy to name this award:

The Huge & Stacy Student Of The Year Award!

They are two of the best dancers, teachers, and choreographers in the world. They’ve been on the road for months getting ready for The Open, rehearsing, teaching, and social dancing. Placed top 5 at The Open in Classic, spent the week between The Open and TAP going to famous studios in LA taking classes from some of the top dancers in the world! Got to TAP, taught workshops, privates, competed in Jack & Jills and Strictly, and still got up and went to more classes than anyone we were aware of. What’ve you done all game 😉