This year has been different in so many ways to say the very least! Leading up to the event, we want you to know we’ll do our very best to be transparent and super informative. We’ll work diligently to make sure we’re putting everyone’s health first. We ask that you be as empathetic as possible with your fellow humans and especially when those fellow humans are Event Directors :). Here are a few bullet points we would like you to be aware of before buying your tickets:

  • Vaccinated Only – TAP will require proof of Covid 19 Vaccination for each attendee at the minimum. We’ll conduct this check at the event before your wristband is released. If for whatever reason you do not have proof of your vaccination, we’ll refund your full ticket. We’re going to wait till we’re a little closer to make final decisions on additional protocols if needed. We graciously ask for your understanding and flexibility with us as we finalize details, sanitation protocols, and final event numbers. Please read all of our Policies, Waivers, Codes of Conduct and Agreements under ‘Things To Know @ TAP’.
  • Risk-Free Registration – This year, if for whatever reason you can’t make the event after buying your ticket, we will refund the full purchase price, no questions asked. We will not admit anyone showing Covid-19 symptoms. Also, we don’t want anyone weighing the thought of losing registration money over being responsible and choosing to stay home if they feel symptoms. So please, do the right thing if you end up at that very unfortunate crossroads.
  •  Staff & Scheduling Adaptability – More than ever we’ll need your understanding on scheduling and staffing changes. There are so many factors that go into putting together a schedule, and trying to run this event during a pandemic has added so many wrinkles! So bear with us please! 

For now, it’s time to get excited! Get ready for amazing classes, cheering your friends on and The Party!


With Groove & Love – Chuck n Meech