Our Vibe

After the Show it’s The After Party!

“We ask that you come with love in your heart, dancing in your bones, and a smile on your face! Take care of each other… Be humble, learn, love, celebrate, and dance!” – From Chuck & Meech

We believe that offering a focused learning environment by day and an epic late night party vibe by night is the perfect balance to creating a true West Coast Swing Experience! We strive to bring some of the best instructors to the U.S. from all over the world, whether it’s from down the street, Russia, Brazil, France, England, Singapore, or Australia. We would like our community to experience a unique experience in a fun-loving, relaxed, safe, community-focused, learning environment by day and a true party environment by night!

All of our workshops are leveled.  Our instructors are directed to teach to a level, not to the least experienced or most experienced attendee in any particular class. Please understand we offer classes for EVERYONE!  We just need to find the level that challenges you and doesn’t potentially hinder the flow for the rest of the class.

Our SOLO track series are classes in Jazz, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Burlesque, House, etc.  We know that many of us as Westies do not get the opportunity to experience training as much as we should! Furthermore, going to classes at a Solo dance studio can be intimidating.  We try to facilitate classes that will challenge your body and mind, while creating a safe and loving space to do so! So come sweat, get your butt kicked, and love every minute of it!

At the core of what has made The After Party what it is today, is the dynamic we create with our Artists (Teachers, DJs, MCs, Judges, Musicians, Performers, etc).  We strive to provide our staff an end-of-the-year party, where they can let their hair down, be themselves, and have fun! We do our best to make sure we have enough staff to alleviate a heavy schedule on any one person.  We do our best to make sure everyone’s schedules are put together with an extreme amount of consideration.  In doing so, we hope that EVERYONE at our event feels the love!

Come, learn, party, compete and dance your butt off!