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Let's Let Artists Have 1st Dibs on Their Own Art!

For the Allstar/Champ & Invitational Show Divisions it is our policy to allow the dancers and artists performing to have access to their own videos and art to share. After they do, please spread it, share it, like it. We will specify videographers for them or they will video from their seats.  Everything else is pretty standard:


  • Novice – Advance: Open Policy to Video & Post. Though it is good form to always ask someone before posting a video of them dancing.
  • Allstar – Invitational: No Public Recording or Posting. We want to give an opportunity to those dancers to capture and post their own art on the platform of their choice. We will designate people to record these spotlight dances and work with the artists directly to publish content. Thank you for your understanding.
  • LiveStream: No Recording/Ripping. We provide a FREE livestream for dancers to enjoy the weekend who couldn’t make the event, please do not ruin this for everyone. 


  • RECAP VIDEOS: We strongly encourage filming video recaps of workshops you attend. You’re also more than welcome to share with other people who took that class. It’s considered bad form to share with people who didn’t attend, and it’s considered against our policy to post videos online for people who didn’t pay to be there aka who paid that teacher for their time. This is true at TAP and all events. Let teachers get paid to share their knowledge. Don’t post lessons.