ALL SESSIONS ARE FULL – Thank you for making these a success! 

These sessions are for Allstar & Champion Level Dancers.

In short these are small sessions with some of the best teachers and artists in the world! The Session Coaches will work with the Allstar & Champion Level Dancers in an intimate class setting in a structure of the teachers choosing. 

The small class size, the level of coaches, and the freedom the coaches have to create their own type of critique/coaching setting help create a super special experience. 

As of now we’re accepting people on a couple different criteria and reserve the right to continue to evolve and tweak these classes as we get feedback from the teachers. Right now, generally speaking,  first choice goes to those who were at the prior TAP… aka have supported the event previously. Then first come, first serve, mixed with who the instructors might want to work with. We’ll keep tweaking this as things evolve.

We’re only taking 8 couples per Session!
The Session will last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes. The coaches will decide where the natural break in the class is.
Sign up with a partner when at all possible. We’ll try to pair you up if you don’t, but if we don’t have anyone, we’ll accept the next couple.Please offer to record each other’s sessions and try to be present, mindful, and supportive of the students who are currently being critiqued. 

Thanks guys! Enjoy!