At TAP we celebrate art on all levels! One art form we are very passionate about is DJing, and at TAP we want our DJs to have the artistic freedom to play as they choose. And as we all know, music these days tends to be a touch… ahhh…  less-than-wholesome at times. So please understand that you might hear some profanity in the ballroom from time to time. Further we’d like to point out that TAP is an adult leaning event. There have been Spotlight dances in the past that may have leaned a bit Risqué. Some clothes might have come off… there might have been a lap dance or two… tear away pants might have been torn away… you get the idea. So not saying this for sure will happen… but this is Dance at an adult event…. so it might! So if you’re sensitive to Risqué environments or adult language, this might not be the event for you. There are some very very amazing events that hold themselves to a more PG standard and we’ll see you there! 

Also, to state the obvious:  We love our junior community and spend quite a bit on energy over the year doing our part to help foster youth in dance. We believe juniors absolutely have a place at TAP. The classes will inspire and change all of us! We would like to be clear that juniors must have chaperones and recommend they are not dancing past 2am. With that said, we respect a parents right to know their kids and what is appropriate for them and to raise them as they see fit. If they are comfortable with their kids in the ballroom, we will obviously respect that above all things until we see behavior that is warrants a conversation.

Thank you for your understanding… and don’t hate us little ones … we love you!