2023 Registration Is .... Closing Soon!  Closing Soon! Closing Soon!

Please take a moment to read the “TAP Ticket Info” section below for important information. Thank you!  PS.. if you are from a war torn country and can actually get away for a moment of reprive, we will do our best to make room for you. Please email us @ [email protected]

SOLD OUT. $225 –  Our Wait-List is full. If you’re already on the Wait-List, if the unlikely scenario happens that a bunch of tickets become available, we’ll reach out to you, thanks for your understanding. 

SOLD OUT.  Hopefully we get to party with you next year!

SOLD OUT.   Discounted ticket for all of our friends who currently live outside the USA.  

SOLD OUT.  Humans Competing in Allstar @ TAP as a Follow – We ask that you help host the ”Allstar Hosted Social Dance Hour” on Saturday Evening. Bucket 

SOLD OUT = Humans Competing in Allstar @ TAP as a Lead – We ask that you help host the ”Allstar Hosted Social Dance Hour” on Saturday Evening. Bucket = 10 Tickets Remaining (as of Nov 6th)

TAP Ticket Info

Our event has been super fortunate to grow these last couple years, while these are good problems, it takes a bit more thought to try to maintain TAP’s vibe and we’ve have to get a bit more layered in our approach for selling tickets. Our best guess is that tickets will sell out again this year, the below policies are based on that assumption. If we have space to open up ticket sales closer to the event, we most definitely will… in which case, some of these policies are likely to change. Thank you for your grace and understanding as we continue to tweak our approach to adapt to this new dynamic.  We truly are just trying to find a way to make everyone as happy as possible! 

Ticket Buckets / Quantities of Tickets to Be Sold: 
This is the new part. We’re hoping that this will maintain the same mix of dancers we’ve had over the last couple of years. Also, for Allstars we’re trying to maintain somewhat of a lead/follow balance. If you’ve been to conventions in EU, this is a popular method of helping the overall success of contests, social dancing and workshops.  The value of (x) might vary year to year, but our general goal here is to maintain our prior years mix. 

  • Bucket 1 = (x) Amount of Full Weekend Passes
  • Bucket 2 = (x) Amount of  International Passes
  • Bucket 3 = (x) Amount of Allstar Follow Passes
  • Bucket 5 = (x) Amount of Allstar Leader Passes
Ticket Policies:
  • All tickets will be sold pre-event online, we will not be selling tickets at the door. 
  • There will be no Day Passes or Night Passes sold at the event, other than for Thursday night. 
  • We will start a waitlist after we sell out each bucket. As people return tickets leading up to the event, we’ll offer those tickets to the waitlist. 
  • All Waitlist tickets will be sold @ $215
  • Competition entry fees will increase on Nov 15th, 2023
  • If we sell out of Allstar or International passes, Allstar and International Dancers can purchase regular Full Weekend Passes.
  • Everyone attending this event must agree to and abide by our Health Policy, Waivers and Code of Conduct found on our site under “Things to Know @ TAP.  We currently plan on having everyone show a Covid Test to Pick up your wristband. This might change as we get closer to the event.
  • All Waitlist tickets will be sold @ $215 
  • Many people registered and haven’t paid, we will give them a payment deadline and if unpaid those tickets will be released to the waitlist. 
  • If we don’t sell all of the Allstar or International passes, those spots will also be opened up to wait-list tickets. 
  • The biggest bulk of tickets that will most likely become available will be the weeks leading up to the event. That said, if we are too close to the event to allow for you to book travel, we ask that you log in and cancel your waitlist reg. That way we are not offering wait-list tickets to those who can’t make it anyway. Thank you for your understanding! 
 Ticket Return / Refund / Exchange / Transfer Policies 
  • Tickets are fully refundable for any reason, minus the transaction fee as long as we are notified no later than THURSDAY 11/30/2023 @ 5pm.
  • Tickets are not transferable to other people.  Do not buy tickets from other humans, droids, or overseas princes. They’re either fake or that dancer hasn’t read our policy.
  • If you’d like to return your ticket please email us by THURSDAY 11/30/2023 @ 5pm, we will offer that ticket to someone on the waitlist. Email: [email protected]
  • If you are feeling any symptoms of illness, please stay home to protect the community. Thank you! 

What you get with your pass...

  • A TON of West Coast Swing and Solo Movement Workshops for every level… all included with your pass! 
  • 4 Nights of Epic Dancing! 
  • WSDC Competitions for every Skill Level
  • Strictly Swing B – Novice & Intermediate
  • Strictly Swing A – Open (Nov – Allstar)
  • 3 Epics Shows – Friday Allstar/Champs DJ Battle Strictly  |  Saturday Invitational Improv Show  |  Allstar J&J Spotlight Finals – by Ben Morris
  • DJs from all over the World! 
  • Late Night TAP-That Parties!
  • Absolutely EPIC late-night dancing & day time dancing sprinkled throughout the event!
  • Free Coffee for everyone Sat & Sunday Mornings
  • Morning Stretch Classes
  • All-Star Critique Classes (Capped Attendance)

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