“The Westie Music Project” | Produced by Chris Dumond

Debuting @ TAP 2019 | Westie Music for Westies… produced, curated, and created by Westies!

Christopher Dumond – Producer / Bass / Guitar
Khayree Jones – Alto Sax
Maxwell Thew – Tenor Sax
Elisabeth Zosseder – Harp
Exenia Rocco- Vocals
Laurel Walker- Vocals 
Mia Primavera

This hour of Curated & Created music will be a blend of ….

– Covers of songs you know and love, performed live with vocals and instrumentation by these artists over tracks that Chris has either created or adapted!

– Original songs performed by our live music acts!

– Curated collaborations of Westie tracks with DJ Aidan! Picture your favorite Westie track with a sax, violin, harp, or guitar accompanying the DJ.

– Our DJ is holding it down to make sure everyone in the ballroom still has the familiar feel good late night groove. He will be playing mixed in with Chris and the other musicians about every 2 songs.

A Meechy Concept | Sponsored by  | We couldn’t have made this happen without her and her love of music, art, and dance! Thank you Danyah!!!